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25 Great Walkers' Pubs in the Yorkshire Dales [9781445653297]

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There's nothing quite like a refreshing drink after a day on the fells and hills of the Yorkshire Dales. Scenic beauty, majestic views, impressive crags, towering cliffs, peaceful tarns, extensive caves and picturesque villages that are rich with the heritage and culture of more than a thousand years and visited by millions of people every year. And those who work within this stunning countryside ensure that the Dales and its communities continue to be vibrant for future generations. At their hub are inns that tell their own tales, cornerstones of local communities which reflect the social and economic story of a region that is evolving every day. In this book, we chart twenty-five of the best pubs in the Yorkshire Dales and find out why they have become favourites for so many over the years. Discover the inn that was frequented by playwright J. B. Priestley and still holds a traditional land-letting auction each year; the one that used to be the site of local trials and find the original Woolpack ... that serves beer in a very special way. Visit pubs that are tap houses, house waterfalls, display quirky signs, have impressive features, produce great food, play great music and so much more.
AUTHOR: Mike Appleton has been a journalist, editor, author and media professional since 1998. He has received critical acclaim for his publications. Born in St Helens, but now living in Lancashire, he made regular trips to the Yorkshire Dales with his father and those early days bore an obsession with area and its people, resulting in his book Yorkshire's Three Peaks. He's an active caver and walker, spending as much time as he can in the Yorkshire Dales, writing and photographing its unique landscape.
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Mike Appleton
Amberley Publishing
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