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11+ English Revision Guide: For 11+, pre-test and independent school exams including CEM, GL and ISEB [9781471849220]

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Exam Board: ISEB
Level: 11 Plus
Subject: English
First Teaching: September 2012
First Exam: Autumn 2013

Secure the top marks in 11 plus independent school entrance exams and pre-tests and a better chance at getting into their school of choice with this essential revision guide. Complete coverage of the ISEB 11 Plus English syllabus and stretching extra content ensures that every topic is thoroughly revised ahead of the exams.

- This book covers everything required for the 11 Plus English exam
- Prepares pupils for a wide range of independent school exams and pre-tests with challenging extension material
- Consolidates revision with all the key information in one place
- Features helpful insight in to the exams, with examples, practical tips and advice
- Tests understanding and technique with timed, levelled exam-style questions
- Identifies strengths and weaknesses using 11 plus sample tests with detailed answer guidance

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AUTHOR: Erika Cross has worked as Head of English in prep schools for the past fourteen years, although she originally trained as a senior school English teacher. She believes that children learn best when they are taught by someone with a passion for their subject, and Erika certainly brings that passion to teaching English. Her enthusiasm can be contagious, and the children she teaches always have lots of fun, along with learning a great deal. During her teaching career, Erika has authored a number of titles but most recently she has co-written the new 11+ English Revision Guide for Galore Park. When she is not working, she loves to read, especially children's literature. Victoria Burrill is Head of English at Newton Prep school in Battersea, London. She teaches Years 5 to 8, preparing children for pre-tests and entrance exams for London Day Schools at both 11+ and 13+ and Common Entrance at 13+. She has written for both Rising Stars and Galore Park for the last four years and her catalogue includes the English for the More Able series, 11+ Practice Papers and Revision Guide and the Galore Park English textbook series for Years 3 to 6. Her particular passion is to instil a love of literature in her students and she plans her lessons around whole novels, using them to teach key skills and to evoke a love of a good story.
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Erika Cross
Galore Park Publishing Ltd
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